Hilanders wins three new customers and strengthens the strategic offer. New to the team is Maria Ströman, planner, with previous experience from Forsman & Bodenfors and multi-year work in B2B marketing.

“Global B2B companies do not win business through product and price anymore, they must review business models, offers, and communications. The offer gets a lot of attention, but when it comes to communication, many of the B2B companies seems to have gotten lost amongst digital channels and buzzwords, focusing on where they should appear rather than what they should say, “says Andreas Lindholm, brand strategist at Hilanders.

“Here’s a great job to do and I’m convinced that Maria’s experience from the consumer side will help us a lot.”

After studying at Stockholm University, Maria studied at Bergh’s one-year strategic program 13/14. She was recruited by Forsman & Bodenfors directly from Berghs. After that, she has done freelance work for clients like Liseberg. Lastest, she comes from fashion-focused advertising agency Studio David Hägglund, where Maria has been a strategic project manager.

Now she is a welcome addition to Hilanders strategy offer.

Maria will immediately start working with the three new customers: Ejendals, Sweco and Systemair.