Art directors and multidesigners…here’s your shot at achieving career highs.

Is your head sizzling with fresh, new ideas? Are you looking to connect your artistic acumen with several leading corporate brands? And (crucially) do you have cool playlists to pump through the agency speakers? If so, read on.

We’re Hilanders – a leading Swedish B2B communications agency who’s breaking new ground on the international stage. We’re explorers at heart and we’re looking for an art director with a similar spirit. If you have this coupled with keen business insights and a strong view on what makes excellent B2B communication, we look forward to hear from you.

Contact our CEO, Christina Kazeem at T: +46 733 113 052 or E:

Hilanders is a dedicated B2B agency with offices in Stockholm and Shanghai. We focus on strategic communications, and our clients often operate on a global arena and in complex markets. We help them with communication that creates business. We believe that successful communication requires deep insight into the client’s business, combined with creative solutions that move people. With this formula, we have proven our ability to create business value, time and again.