After three very successful campaigns for Canon Business Center, we went deep into the jungle to search for inspiration and wisdom. For the new teamwork-themed campaign, we wanted to learn from the foremost experts in the field: our closest relatives in nature   chimpanzees. 

A few years ago, we gave Canon Business Center’s communications concept a pretty radical twist. We created a philosophy for them, called the Documentism. Its purpose is to help people work with documents and information in better ways. It has also given Canon Business Center a unique way of selling, pitching and presenting their offering. It has also helped position the brand as a solution provider, rather than just another company selling copiers.

We have created a number of Documentism themed campaigns over the years, along with written guides to the different areas that the philosophy touches upon. And our latest one is about teamwork – an ever important skill, that is gravitating towards becoming a lost art in these  individualistic times.

Collaboration is the key to rise above what’s humanly possible. But at the moment, individualistic ideals are predominant in human society. Chimpanzees, on the other hand, have totally disregarded this trend. Instead, their lives revolve around teamwork and group dynamics. And we can learn a lot from them – about ourselves and how to get the most out of our troops.

We hooked up with author Tommy Lundberg, who served as the missing link between us and the monkeys when writing the Dokumentism guide #4. We also made four inspirational videos, starring Tommy, and a game where you can compete against a chimpanzee in the noble art of short term memorizing. Go ahead and try it out right here, but don’t get your hopes up – since the monkeys literally have super human skills in this field.