A video campaign developed for the North American market to shed light on Telia Carrier’s US network expansion, focused on online end-users.

A very important part of understanding your client is understanding their customers. That’s why we came up with the Spoiled Generation. The clip above is a brief introduction to it – as well as a glimpse into the future.

The Spoiled Generation is the theme for Telia Carrier’s awareness campaign for their US network expansion. At its core is the identification of a new generation of online end users. One that takes everything for granted – and keep wanting more. And we’re all part of it. Because with ever-increasing internet speed, wanting more – and getting it – is all we know.

This approach has its base in the insight that people won’t look back once they experience new and better technology. The Spoiled Generation illustrates demand – and it lets Telia Carrier talk about what it takes to meet it. It makes it possible to make the sales conversation be about network quality and reach – which happens to be two of Telia Carrier’s main strengths. And, not to be bragging, but the campaign

The results

The awareness was boosted by 34% in the US, the target market for the campaign. And the video above, that was shot in LA, has had over 100 000 views and got a mention in The Guardian.

Telia Carrier overtook the competition and their market share is now the second largest in the world. After years in decline, the profit is increasing along with the volumes. Due to all of the above, Telia Carrier has gone from being the black sheep of the organization to become on of its spearheads.