Office work is not a laughing matter! Or is it? Office employees waste about 2,5 hours every week looking for badly named documents. That’s about one day a month. It might sound like a joke, but it’s actually true. And it’s just one of many examples of daily smart stupidity. Smart, as the intentions almost always are the best – but stupid, since the results seldom are that good.

In order to explore this phenomena, we enrolled Jacob Öqvist – a well-known Swedish comedian –to go on a journey through corporate Sweden. He set out to explore the everyday acts of anti-smartness at offices – and upon his return, he had gathered so much material that he could easily fill a stand-up show. And that he did.

The whole stand-up thing was of course planned in detail from the beginning. The scope was to shed light upon the fact that we don’t always work as smart and efficient as we can. But Canon Business Center is there to help, with innovative products and the Documentism. In short: Everything you need in order to steer clear of becoming a laughing matter.

We taped the show ”Smarta Dumheter” (Swedish for ”Smart Stupidity”) in front of a live audience in Stockholm and now the first batch of videos can be viewed at the Canon. Enjoy!