A new concept and communication plattform where we shifted focus from the projects to the the actual user to stand out in the competition.

Project Place is a European leader in web-based project collaboration. They are pioneers in their field and when they started, in 1998, they were unique on the market. But the competition increased – and their position had to be defended as well as developed.

Project Place needed a new, powerful and differentiating communications concept that could establish them as the leader in project management in all their six markets. Also, Project Place needed to increase the number of leads by 10%, the value of every created opportunity by 20% and also the average value of created opportunities and orders.

We needed to make sure that Project Place owned the whole project realm. And that’s quite a handful. But instead of just talking about efficiency in project management, our strategy made sure that Project Place would start communicating in terms of efficient project managers. We simply shifted the focus from projects to people.

The concept – Get more you out of you – is based on the old thought of cloning oneself in order to get more done. It was launched on all six markets through ads, digital and mobile channels, direct marketing and much more. The Project Place visual identity and logo got a makeover in collaboration with Rewir, who are part of the Intellecta Group. But most of all, we made sure that the focus was on people, cooperation and all channels working together towards a shared goal. And it paid off. After the campaign, all the objectives were met and the goals exceeded.