Like many other companies with engineering in their DNA, Net Insight had primarily presented with a dominant product focus and an emphasis on technical detail. In other words, boxes. Lots of boxes with flashing lights. But as global market leader helping broadcasters and content owners change the face of media broadcasting – particularly live events – Net Insight turned to Hilanders to help makeover their own public face.


Engineering experiences
To reposition Net Insight as the premium provider of future media transport solutions, we shifted their content focus from the things they make to the values they deliver – simplicity, efficiency, experience. And we established a new visual identity to reflect this, one which flows through a new logo, templates, core web site, and investor site. Importantly, the new visual identity contains visual cues and imagery that capture the immediacy of a live event and allow a single core message to be tailored to differing market needs. Net Insight now presents to the world not as an engineering company, but as a dynamic leader of market transformation.