When Telia Carrier asked us to develop a campaign based on the importance of online life, we told them there’s no such thing as online life – just life.

This is the theme of a new film for Telia Carrier. The film provides the basis of an awareness campaign aimed at US Internet content providers.

The Internet used to be a novelty that was nice to have. Now it’s a necessity that we have to have. And the more we rely on it, the higher the stakes. “Life on Trial”, is a light-hearted short film that looks at the case of a gaming company on trial for the death of one of its players’ characters.

The film was directed by award winning director Tim Hamilton. “Tim’s absurd humour is a perfect fit for this idea”, says Niklas Gustafsson from Hilanders. “We knew of ‘Truth in advertising’, and as the concept developed we knew that Tim was who we wanted to direct the film. Fortunately, the client agreed and we got our man.” 

“I thought the premise was funny, smart and timely”, says Hamilton. “All of us can relate to the blurring of the lines between online life and real life and I thought this was a funny way to comment on it”. I also loved being allowed to collaborate on the writing of the project. A further bonus was being able to go beyond the thirty second format, and have the time format fit the idea and not the other way around.”