Today, setting up a start-up company is pretty much a no-hassle business. The problem is more about identifying the start-ups that are going to morph into next-big-things. Telia Carrier was faced with this challenge and needed to hook up with the gaming companies that are about to become big enough to need backbone connectivity. But instead of hunting them down – we let the companies identify themselves.

In the gaming world, you know you’ve hit the big time when fame spreads from the virtual world to the physical reality. For gaming companies, one of the signs of near stardom is when fans of games start dressing up as characters in them, while attending cosplay events.

Therefore, we created a series of ads depicting cosplay characters in everyday situations along with a copy that read ”Signs of your game going massive? Get on our backbone”. This made it possible for the gaming companies to identify themselves and their context – and then make them aware of the need of a backbone.

Alongside the ad campaign, we also developed a Slideshare presentation and an online article aimed to engage the segment by looking into the future of gaming. All in all, this campaign was one in an ongoing multifaceted effort that has proved Telia Carrier’s abilities to understand their customers, which in turn has made Telia Carrier challenge the global market leader in terms of data volume.