You can’t just say you’re the best and expect people to listen. That was the challenge faced by Telia Carrier. Although they had reached the #1 ranking for global IP backbones, they were struggling to differentiate their offering. So, we suggested they differentiate themselves on their attitude instead. To communicate their approach through the stories of people from other walks of life who share the same approach.

Attitude is something Sven Yrvind has plenty of. He’s spent his life building and sailing tiny boats around the world. And at 78, he’s preparing for his next adventure: to sail from Ireland to New Zealand in a 4-meter boat. Sven Yrvind is one of the people we chose to communicate Telia Carrier’s approach through films.

The publicity that Telia Carrier received as a result of these films was quite impressive. Over 2.5 million views online, a significant increase in awareness, and a new way to talk to customers about what truly matters when it comes to choosing a backbone.

About Telia Carrier Declarations
Every Carrier needs a code. A set of principles that defines a premium Internet infrastructure and how to build it globally. When developing the Carrier Declarations, the aim was to set the bar high within the Carrier industry. After years of solid collaboration, this strategy helped Telia Carrier achieve levels beyond expectation. Gone are the days of being a highly technical, product-driven outfit. Now they’re a flag-waving, world-conquering Internet Carrier. One who exemplifies what every carrier should live by.