A branding activity created to show that Envirotainer is more than just a tech partner in the pharmaceutical cold chain – and that the contents of their containers means a lot to a lot of people.

When you want people to take more care in their job, it helps if they understand why they are doing it. This is the idea behind this activity for Envirotainer when they wanted to show they are more than just the technology part of the pharmaceutical cold chain. Through training and awareness, they help to encourage active thinking in the cold chain. Because it takes both to protect sensitive pharmaceutical products.

That’s why we introduced Dora. She is an 8-year-old girl with diabetes. We put her photo on a temperature-controlled container with a message about how important its contents are to her. The aim is to help people connect what they do with how it can help others.

Hilanders developed this concept and worked with Envirotainer to turn it into reality. The journey of a container travelling from Amsterdam to Singapore, and people’s reaction to it, has been used as the basis for a short film to show what Envirotainer stands for.

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Other executions: