This is how we collaborated with Telia Carrier to tweak their image and reposition their brand. This partnership brought about a large amount of communication efforts, a manifesto that became a benchmark and a brand that really got a move on.

Fibre networks are the backbone of the web. Telia Carrier runs the world’s second largest fibre network and on their client list are Vodafone, China Mobile, Google and Netflix – to name a few.

Despite the fact that we’re talking about a vital part in keeping the www alive, internet connection has long been regarded as a rather uninteresting product. This put a pressure on prices, while clients felt that every player on the market was pretty much the same as the other ones. At the same time, the operators’ share of the market – a Telia Carrier stronghold – was in decline while the content industry, where Telia Carrier weren’t as well-known, was booming.

Our mission was to help Telia Carrier crank up their image and reposition the brand, thus increasing the perceived value of their services. Telia Carrier needed to show that they are the innovative IT company and not just another traditional telecom company.

At Hilanders, we have a method to our strategy and concept madness. We like to start by creating an approach for the client – and that has proven to be very effective. At the core of the approach is finding out about the brand’s raison d’être, what the company really wants to achieve and how they will make the latter happen. So, that’s where we started.

This led up to a concept called The Carrier Of The Future, with the goal to show that Telia Carrier is the brand that makes the internet revolution possible. And the communication was centered around reflecting how the content industry works, in order to show Telia Carrier’s understanding of the business.

To make sure that the new concept would really stick, we developed a manifesto – The Carrier Declarations. Originally, it was mainly intended as internal guidelines for how Telia Carrier would raise the bar of the business. But somehow, it made it out in the public – and is now considered a benchmark in the industry.

Since then, focus has been on maintaining and developing the brand’s international presence via knowledge-centered PR, digital marketing, campaigns, events and much more. Telia Carrier has grown into being one of the strongest companies in the TeliaSonera group, by rapidly surpassing the goals for the communication. And now, Telia Carrier is challenging the global market leader in terms of data volumes – which seemed like a distant dream back in 2012.