A concept based on a philosophy designed to give Canon Business Center a new approach to their business and provide the sales organisation with a differentiating story.

Canon Business Center is the go to place for those in need of innovative and reliable document handling and storing. It is the home base for all of Canon’s office solutions and the target group is CEOs, CIOs and HR managers at small to medium sized companies. But Canon Business Center is just one player on a market where everybody has the same look and feel.

Canon Business Center needed to do something in order to take back an undisputed leadership on the market. They needed to sharpen their position and establish themselves as a problem solver while also increase sales of digital solutions. They needed a framework that could help them become more relevant to the customers and also make it easier for the sales squad to set up meetings and close deals.

We knew that one single campaign wouldn’t do the trick. We needed to go deeper than that. So we developed an entire philosophy. The insight behind it is that handling documents and storing information is all about keeping things in order, which makes work flow easier. The philosophy, dubbed the Documentism, is based on seven principles and helps people work in a smarter way.

What happened next?

The sales people from Canon Business Center were put through a custom education, in order to implement the new philosophy internally. Then we launched the first campaign in two stages: creating awareness and educating the customers.

The Documentism has changed the way Canon Business center works and communicates. It serves as an overarching concept and will help create business driving communication for a long time to come.

The amount of leads generated from the first campaign was three times larger than the set goal, the number of visitors on the site was five times larger than expected and 89% of the sales people says that the Documentism is an important tool for winning new business. Also, the software and service sales increased beyond expectation.

Stop delaying. Get it done on time.

Video + Content = Boom

We check our e-mail 50 times a day on average. And every time we are interrupted, it takes about 15 minutes to regain full focus, says Alexander Rozental, consultant at Psykologifabriken and author of Dansa på deadline , a new book about the psychology of procrastination. No wonder it feels like we don’t get anything done some days!

It’s a problem that Canon’s advisors often encounter. To tackle the issue, Hilanders has enlisted the help of Psykologifabriken in developing a new content marketing campaign for Canon Business Center.