Sometimes, the best way to make a point is not to talk about it. That’s the approach we adopted with the re-launch of the Carrier Declarations. This concept has been a long-standing success for Telia Carrier, but it needed a new spark of life.

So instead of talking about the declarations, we found people who embodied each of the 6 principles and let them tell their story. The outcome is 6 short films and 6 remarkable stories.

We started with a mindful cyborg and a 78-year-old adventurer. Then we met Lily. She spent 1.5 days building the Internet out of 15,000 dominoes. And as it turned out, the Internet loved it. The video has already had over 1.5 million views in its first week.

The results for Telia Carrier are clear to see: a dramatic increase in web traffic, awareness and prospects wanting to know more about the Carrier Declarations. We’re trying really hard not to say domino effect. Oops, sorry.

About Telia Carrier Declarations
Every Carrier needs a code. A set of principles that defines a premium Internet infrastructure and how to build it globally. When developing the Carrier Declarations, the aim was to set the bar high within the Carrier industry. After years of solid collaboration, this strategy helped Telia Carrier achieve levels beyond expectation. Gone are the days of being a highly technical, product-driven outfit. Now they’re a flag-waving, world-conquering Internet Carrier. One who exemplifies what every carrier should live by.