Every meeting. Every phone call. Every presentation and every conversation we’ve had with you this year has been a pleasure. It’s through all this that we managed to walk the stage at Cannes and break the status quo at the 100-Watts. We’ve been in the trees, aboard ships and stared at Semla bun pyramids. We’ve also welcomed seven new businesses onto our client list. Let’s give it up to you – our partners and friends of Hilanders – as we approach 2018.

But there’s one last thing we need to highlight before we close on Friday, the 22nd.

The world has felt a little different in 2017. Which makes us all the more grateful to be able to create positive change. It’s an ever-lasting privilege for us to send our Christmas gift to Gundua Foundation in Ex-Lewa, Kenya. After 12 years, we’re still amazed we’re able to support more than 500 school children in pursuing their dreams and ambitions.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the volunteers at the Gundua Foundation. Thank you to all those who’ve not just donated, but invested in Gundua.

Would you like to invest in a gift that will last a lifetime?
Make a swish donation to 123 900 21 63.
Bankgiro: 900-2163
Plusgiro: 90 02 16-3

Not in Sweden? Go here http://gunduafoundation.org/how-to-contribute/

May your holiday season be filled with all things good. And so may the year 2018. See you on January 2nd.