Few things in B2B communication are more rewarding than working with companies who aim to improve the quality of human life. Not only is it fascinating, it’s also incredibly inspiring. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the amazing things making headway in the healthcare sector.

Med Tech and the future humans

A healthy economy (and workforce) depends on a healthy society. With bold steps taken in Med Tech, healthcare is going to shape the world and the way it ticks.

Humans could potentially live lengthier, more productive lives. Careers would last much longer. Businesses would have to cater to new target groups and develop new business segments. Before we get to the point where your heart surgeon is a robot. Or you’re eating cake for your co-worker’s 97thth birthday – let’s take a look at a few of the tech developments in healthcare that’s more than mere fantasy.

The 100-year-old job applicant

Your children may be the first generation for whom ageing will not be a cause of death. Several companies (Human Longevity Inc. and Google Calico) are working towards turning ageing into a treatable chronic condition – where personalised medication can keep your body functioning for much longer than it should be. This means there’s a possibility that humans will easily live to be over 100 years old – and be in relatively good shape. How much experience and skills can you gain in such a long life? More importantly, how long will your career last? Will there be enough jobs to go around for billions of people in the workforce? The ramifications are fascinating to say the least.

The universal language of medicine

We’ve all heard of Doctors without Borders. Unfortunately, amongst medical professionals worldwide – doctors still very much have ‘borders’ when it comes to language barriers. However, a universal translator would enable a much more effective telemedicine system where highly skilled doctors from halfway across the planet can remotely treat patients. Skype has already released its translator that claims to successfully translate other languages to English live. The question is, if you could receive treatment from specialists in other countries, how would that affect governmental healthcare plans, the price of healthcare, etc?

Robots who cut into you

Certain procedures can go horribly wrong due to under-trained surgeons, nervousness, fatigue – the list goes on. Human error is most often the cause of fatal mistakes, but what if technology allowed surgeons to easily locate your veins? Or, even better – what if robots unaffected by moods or sleeplessness can perform risky surgeries with pinpoint accuracy? The advancement of robotics in healthcare is said to save many more lives in the near future. Will the world eventually see robot doctors replace human ones?

So, will these inventions help us evolve into some sort of super species? Time will tell. Until then, if you’re reading this and you’re in the Med Tech industry – we’d love to know more about your company.


// Keenon Daniels, copywriter