Hilanders Stockholm on 7 reasons why companies think there’s no use for a communications partner.

Your product is better than anyone else’s.
It’s often true for many companies that the quality of the products they create sell themselves. But the problem is, only they and their core customer base knows this. To penetrate new markets, to make your competitors’ clients change their minds, you need a partner who can package your sales pitch effectively to win over new hearts. No sense in being the best, but not universally known for it.

You already have a sales force to sell
You’ve invested in a strong sales force. They know the business inside out. They’re the ones on the frontlines getting the proverbial cheques to be signed. But think about this. If we can tell it, you can sell it. B2B advertising should assist the sales process through creative messaging and keen insightful solutions. A strong, consistent story together with a savvy sales force can simplify and improve a complex and lengthy sales process.

Customers aren’t like everyone else
Whether it’s big corporates, tech startups or multi-national organisations you’re dealing with – one thing is certain. They’re all run by human beings with very human feelings (for the time being, at least). This means they absolutely love to laugh and be stimulated by interesting things. Even when you’re talking about highly technical or administrative topics. The point is to pull their emotional triggers in order to get a positive reaction.

Budget is better allocated elsewhere
It’s your money and you have every right to spend it where you think is best. However, investing in a B2B agency’s skills and experience can transform your business into something beyond expectation. It’s the business insights into your needs and your customers’ needs that you’re spending money on. It’s how you come across in the bigger picture that sees your ROI.

You’re focused on products, not brand.
It’s easy to enter in a product and price war for a lot of companies. But this can confuse the market as to who you really are and what you can do for them. Technical specifications and product features need to be translated into real-world benefits. Every interaction you have with potential customers should be in service to building your brand. Your heritage, your operation, your story should single you out. This is what should convince every deal and purchasing decision.

East is East
Many companies want to make it in Asia. Perhaps, this includes yours. To do that, you need people who really understand that market and what makes it tick. That’s why it’s ideal to have an agency in your town, plus an office in the market that attracts you. Hey, what do you know? That’s us!

You already have a PR person.
PR functions are certainly necessary, but they don’t quite fulfill the needs of marketing as a whole. B2B communications focuses more on what value your customers can get from you. So, we make it more about them. But this is a good thing because the more you come across as knowledgeable about your customer’s world, the more they identify with you. And the more likely they are to want to do business with you.

// Keenon Daniels, copywriter