#1 is just a number – until you hit it. Then people start asking how you got there. That’s been the case since Telia Carrier hit #1 in the Global Internet Backbone rankings last year. And yet again, Hilanders has been recognized as part of the answer.

We have been nominated by Strategy Awards Sweden in the International Strategy Category. The award is about engaging people across geographical boundaries and despite cultural differences – which is pretty much the same brief Telia Carrier came to us with in 2011.

Since then we have developed and implemented a strategy of defining quality in a commodified market, speaking in the voice of Internet end users, and showing the impact that connectivity – and Telia Carrier – has on our world. Check out the strategy in 3 minutes here.

This nomination follows hot on the heels of the 75W award for long-term impact at the Swedish 100 Watt awards and the Cannes Dolphin awarded for the Carrier Declarations film series.