Ladies and gentlemen, David once again slayed Goliath. Not only did we just win Silver at the 2017 100-Wattaren Awards – we won in a very coveted category amongst some of Sweden’s B2C ‘big boys’. Our campaign for Telia Carrier received 75W in the Long-term Branding category. A first for any B2B agency in years. Hurrah! Happy, proud, astounded and a little sweaty and hoarse after the screaming and dancing – we’ve got some thanking to do.

Firstly, to the awesome and brave people at Telia Carrier for being our sparring partners in wanting to do cool stuff. Secondly, to everyone who allowed us to tell their stories in the Carrier Declarations. Thirdly, to a very talented 11-year-old who probably helped tip the scales in our favour. And last, but not least – to the team at Hilanders. We did it. Let’s keep slaying!

If you still haven’t seen the film…what’s wrong with you? Jokes aside, you can see it here.