Yup. That’s the first question we ask our clients, our surroundings and ourselves. Because that’s our way of diving deeper and deeper – all the way to the core of things. And that’s where we harvest the finest pearls – in the shape of knowledge.

Understanding is food for thought and insight is the juice that nourishes creativity. Without it, there wouldn’t be any ideas. And the goal of our journeys is always to come up with the ideas and concepts that our clients need in order to make marks on their markets.


At Hilanders, we are always headed for the solution. We are a tight team. Small enough to move swiftly, experienced enough to always stay on top and diverse enough to direct everything from strategy to activation. And the focus on the outcome runs in the family.

Hunting for solutions means going places. Especially since many of our clients are operating globally. And we believe in taking part in the future, wherever it happens and whatever it might hold. Right now, we have offices in Stockholm and Shanghai – and that’s just the beginning.



Apart from Hilanders AB, the publicly listed Intellecta group consists of Bysted AB, Intellecta Corporate AB, FFW, ISBIT GAMES AB, Rewir AB, River Cresco AB, Unreel AB, and Wow Events AB. It employs around 550 people in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Ukraine, Brazil, the US, Vietnam and China.
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The companies in the group are,  Intellecta AB (publ) is noted on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and employs around 550 people in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Brazil, USA, Vietnam and China.


We are always looking to learn and improve. We evolve with every person we meet. In our case, it is the great customers, colleagues and partners we learn from every day. But we are also lucky to have had the opportunity to follow our dreams. To us it feels natural to share this opportunity. Therefore we support the Gundua Foundation.

Gundua Foundation is an Intellecta initiative that started in 2007 with the ambition to create true value and real change. Since then, the foundation has actively worked with giving children and young people a better future through projects providing education and health care. Read more on the Gundua Foundtation here.

We are a next-gen B2B agency with the efficiency and experience of a SWAT team and our history makes us ready to take on the challenges of the future. Here are some of our milestones:


Hilanders opens in Helsingborg


The first Stockholm office opens


Hilanders opens in Malmö


The Intellecta Group buys Hilanders


Hilanders Stockholm moves in with the Intellecta Group


Hilanders opens in Shanghai